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20 February 1915

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  • The British government issues orders for Australian and New Zealand troops in Egypt to proceed to the Dardanelles
  • The Leader publishes the poem “More Men!” by Will Crook:

For your country needs your aid;
Let it not be written
That Australians are afraid
Can’t you hear your old pals calling
From the trenches cold and grey?
Fall in, then, and help them
The Teuton foe to slay.

On the cricket, on the football fields
You were never known to shirk;
Now, let us see what you can do
To rout the awful Turk.
They would invade our sunny land,
And drive us from our home;
But Australians true will let them see
That day will never come.

God bless you, young Australians,
For the sacrifice you’ve made,
We’ll forever sing your praises
Nor forget the price you’ve paid
We will welcome your return to us,
To your island land of gold,
And we’ll grip your hands, brave cornstalks,
As your forbears did of old.

So rally round the brave old flag.
And we’ll give you three times three
For the honor of Australia,
And the homo land ‘cross the sea
Where your brothers now aro ‘listing
With K. of K. and French,
To beat the ‘Kultured’ Teutons
And take them trench by trench.