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  • Josiah Thomas of the Nationalist Party of Australia addresses the people of Orange in the lead up to the Federal election on 5 May
  • The Leader reports that up to 40 returned soldiers have each been given 200 acres of land near Coolah. Land For Soldiers
  • French troops on the Western Front occupy Sancy, as the British capture Gonnelieu
  • General Robert Georges Nivelle‚Äôs offensive along the Aisne River grinds to a halt. High casualty rates combined with the continuing effects of exhausting battles at Verdun and the Somme, lead to an increased discontent among the soldiers on the Western Front. Nivelle Offensive Ends in Failure
  • At midnight six German destroyers fire 61 shells over Dover. The shells fall in farming land; there are no casualties. The Royal Navy destroyers HMS Swift and HMS Broke chase the German vessels and succeed in sinking SMS G-85 and SMS G-42
  • Turkey severs diplomatic relations with the United States of America