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  • The Leader reports the death of John Daniel (‘Jack’) McLachlan in France. Personal
  • The Leader reports on the Anzac Day service held at Millthorpe Methodist Church. Anzac Memorial Service
  • Ladies of Orange gather at the Town Hall to form a local branch of the War Chest Fund to care for soldiers and to help prevent them becoming ill. Orange War Chest Fund. Their first project is to provide as many pairs of knitted socks as possible to the War Chest Fund’s request to minimise the occurrence of trench foot. Our Boys Needs
  • Private Cecil James Bourke of the Australian Remount Unit in Egypt thanks Miss Daisy Davidson for a tin of jam she sent him. In his letter Private Bourke describes the voyage from Australia and the many sights of Egypt. Grateful Orange Soldier
  • Allied forces on the Western Front repulse enemy raids at Champagne and Moronvilliers

War Chest Fund volunteers pack food for soldiers serving overseas. Image courtesy Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales.