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The ruined village of Puisieux, March 1917, Lieutenant Ernest Brooks. Image courtesy Imperial War Museum © IWM (Q 1800).

  • Orange grazier, Lisle Mervyn Lane, is killed in action in France
  • The Leader reports that Harry Murphy from Molong was killed in action in France on 17 February. Molong Soldier Killed
  • Fred Fletcher of Anson Street, Orange, receives a letter from his brother Velda in France. Velda says how much he enjoyed his Christmas dinner and his package from the Comforts Fund of NSW, which contained a pipe, cigarettes, lollies, matches, chewing gum, a handkerchief, and some writing paper. Velda also describes the horror of trench foot: “each foot is all chilblains, and swells until they burst at the toes.Personal
  • British lines on the Western Front advance north-west of Puisieux and north of Warlencourt
  • Russian forces capture Hamadan in Western Persia
  • The US Congress authorises the arming of merchant ships. The bill is passes by a vote of 403 to 13
  • Russian Foreign Minister, Nikolai Nikolayevich Pokrovsky, resigns