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Zimmermann Telegram, 19 January 1917. Image courtesy US National Archives at College Park.

  • British intelligence intercepts a coded telegram from German Foreign Secretary Arthur Zimmermann to the German Ambassador to Mexico, Heinrich von Eckardt. Von Eckardt is instructed to negotiate a military alliance with Mexico against the United States, offering US territory to Mexico in exchange for joining the German cause. Why was the Zimmermann Telegram so important?
  • An Egyptian General describes the men of the Anzac mounted division as “keen, cool and resourceful, with an eye for country and with fine marksmanship, they shine in attack and defence, and when dismounted are firm believers in the bayonet” The All-Round Anzac
  • Australian church leaders “appeal to all citizens for a yet fuller response to the call of duty and patriotism”.
  • The Brunner Mond munitions factory at Silvertown, East London explodes, killing 73 people and injuring more than 400 injured. The disaster is the largest single explosion ever experienced in London. Thought to be the result of German sabotage, the cause of the explosion was never determined. The Silvertown explosion of 1917
  • The Leader publishes the poem A Daylight Strafing Bill by Oriel

Daylight saving is said to be bad for the theatres, worse for the picture shows, fatal to the pleasures of the bather, detrimental to the health of the night worker (who must have his evening meal while the sun is high in the sky); it prevents church services being held in the customary dim religious light, and will not allow the children to sleep when they are sent to bed. Now the cows are putting in their veto.

Chorus of old actors:-
There’s an outburst of expression in the whole of our profession;
You can hear the star tragedian loudly raving;
For they’ve taxed the slx-bob seats, well-nigh halved our gross re ceipts-:
And labelled the result as daylight saving!

The movie manager:-
Oh, the sunlight’s fitful flicker ruins “Chaplin on the Shicker”;
Can you wonder that our language is depraving?

Chorus of bathers:-
You can hear our plaintive screech right along the Manly beach,
As we think of all we’ve lost thro’ daylight saving!

The honest working man:-
Oh, my sausages at tea, with my innards don’t agree
For the sunshine’s been and robbed me of my craving.

Chorus of very reverend gentlemen:-
And we’re not inclined to skite re our dim religious light,
Since our congregation took to daylight saving!

The sorrowful parent:-
When the day with all its hubbub yields to nightfall in our suburb,
And the evening breeze the washing’s gently waving;
Every blessed pair of twins in the neighbourhood begins
To disclaim a shrill protest on daylight saving!

Chorus of dairymaids:-
Last of all, the gallant cow, sir, Freedom’s cause starts to espouse sir,
And she deprecates the habit of enslaving;
If she cannot get her hour, then she’ll strike, or else go sour-
Like the milk you’ll get when you are daylight saving!

Grand finale (Omnes).
Saving, saving, silly daylight saving
Oh, convention’s rules you think that you are waiving;
But the sun that’s up on high gives your altered clock the lie-
Gott strafe stupid daylight saving!