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Verdun war memorial, 2007. Image courtesy Wolfgang Staudt.

Verdun War Memorial, 2007. Image courtesy Wolfgang Staudt.

  • Day 875 of the war
  • The Leader reports the death of Norman Osborn Herbert Gall, killed in action in France on 15 November. Norman Gall Killed
  • The Battle of Verdun ends on the Western Front after ten months’ fighting. More than a million men are killed or wounded during the battle, the longest conflict of the First World War. The result of the battle is a marginal French victory.
  • American president Woodrow Wilson dispatches peace notes to all belligerents requesting them to state their peace terms
  • British troops in Mesopotamia move round Sannaiyat and reach the Tigris River above Kut-al-Amara. They sever the enemy’s lateral communications and take command of the river upstream of Khadairi Bend.