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A large group of people gathered by a refreshment table in Sim’s Paddock, Nemingha, where an entire bullock had been spit-roasted for 20 hours. Members of the Volunteer Aid Detachment are noticable, as are two Australian Imperial Force officers and a number of soldiers, including a Gallipoli veteran identifiable by the brass “A” on his colour patch. GA Solomons, May 1918. Image courtesy Australian War Memorial.

  • Trevor Gerald Livingstone Flynn relates his experiences in the March to Freedom, a recruiting march from Armidale to Newcastle. He describes entering Nemingha near Tamworth, where “a roasted bullock was awaiting us, and the settlers turned out en masse, giving us the time of our lives”. March To Freedom
  • The Leader reports that 450 local soldiers serving overseas will receive Christmas gifts this year. Soldiers’ Christmas Parcels