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  • The Leader urges the young women of Orange to take a stand and insist that their fianc├ęs enlist: They Say

Australia wants 50,000 more men. Now is your chance, boys. Be in at the final scrap. This 50,000 has the best prospect of getting into Berlin. Now then, girls, if your sweetheart is 21 or over, break with him if he won’t get into khaki. The recruiting office is situated at the Court House, and there Mr. H. J. Leary awaits you.

  • Germany threatens to invade Greece. Greek Prime Minister Stephanos Skouloudis forbids Bulgarian troops to set foot on Greek soil.
  • Russian mines sink the German light cruiser Bremen in the Baltic
  • The Department of Defence publishes a notice in the Leader instructing all eligible men to register in the new year:
Image courtesy Leader

Image courtesy Leader