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Russian Provisional Government, March 1917, Jakov Vladimirovic Stejnberg. Image in public domain.

  • Tsar Nicholas II abdicates, ending the 300 rule of the House of Romanov. A new democratically minded Provisional Government is established with Prince Georgy Yevgenyevich Lvov appointed as Prime Minister, Paul Nikolayevich Milyukov as Foreign Minister and General Alexander Ivanovich Guchkov the Minister for War. The new government pledges to bring order to the chaos created by the old government, and seeks the full cooperation of the people and army. Great Britain, France, the United States, and Italy rush to recognise the new government in the hope Russia will stay in the war and maintain its extensive presence on the Eastern Front.
  • British and Australian troops on the Western Front progress on a four kilometre front between St Pierre Vaast Wood and Saillisel, as German soldiers attack east of Achiet-le-Petit
  • German forces continue their withdrawal to the Siegfried Stellung (the Hindenburg Line), employing a scorched earth policy in their wake
  • British troops in Mesopotamia take Mushaidiya, forcing the Turks to retreat further north along the Tigris River