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A group of survivors from the sunken transport ship SS Barunga, Plymouth, England, July 1918. Image courtesy Australian War Memorial.

  • A German torpedo strikes the Australian transport ship SS Barunga off the coast of Cornwall. The Barunga has 855 sick and wounded soldiers aboard who are being invalided home to Australia. Nearby destroyers rush to the vessel’s aid and manage to rescue all crew and passengers before it sinks.
  • Germany launches its final offensive on the Western Front: ‘Operation Friedensturm’ (peace offensive) aka the Second Battle of the Marne. Initial German success turns to disaster when the French Army counter-attacks against exhausted German forces. Fighting continues until 5 August and results in 168,000 German casualties. Allied casualties number 95,000 French, 13,000 British, and 12,000 American.
  • Sam Whitmee of Millthorpe, who is working for the Red Cross in England, sends news regarding the death in action of Alpheus Eric (Dick) Wenban. The Late Lance-Corp Eric Wenban
  • Miss Alma Blunt is voted Italian Red Cross Day Queen in Orange. Locals donate almost £1360 in “the most successful patriotic undertaking that has yet been held in Orange.”
  • The Millthorpe Girls’ Patriotic League organise a gift evening at Frape’s Hall to collect Christmas gifts for soldiers serving overseas.