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15 February 1915

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  • The 1st Australian Division arrives in England. They live in hutted camps on Salisbury Plain and haul gravel for roads until July, when they are sent to France.
  • The Leader prints the following poem from the Sydney Truth describing Bernard Kelaher and Herbert Rockliff‘s departure from Orange Railway Station to camp at Liverpool.

They even lined up with the band,
And all was very bright and gay.
As each was shaken by the hand,
And ‘midst the cheers they steamed away.
 A tear in Rockie’s eye did shine,
Aye, when the band played ‘”Auld Lang Syne.”

Two-bonnie boys are Bern and Bert;
They’re going to where the rifles crack,
And where the Maxim guns do spurt,
And in the charges, bayenets flash;
The game is tough, but all the same
We’ll bet these boys will play the game.