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The ruins of the Lagnicourt Church, 1917. Image courtesy Australian War Memorial.

  • Horse trainer William Joseph Coppock of Millthorpe is killed in action in the Battle of Lagnicourt in France
  • 23 German battalions launch a pre-dawn attack on the Australian 1st and 2nd Divisions near the town of Lagnicourt on the Western Front. The Australians are initially forced to abandon the town, however, several hours later, four Australian battalions launch a successful counterattack, recapturing the town and reclaiming their guns.
  • Lieutenant Colonel James Ernest Newland, of the 12th Battalion wins the Victoria Cross for actions on 7, 9 and 15 April 1917 at Lagnicourt
  • Lieutenant Charles Pope of the 11th Battalion, originally from London, wins the Victoria Cross at Louverval, France