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15 April 1916

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  • Edward Ernest Bingham [aka Bertram Lockley Tandy] enlists. Edward is commemorated on the Centenary of WWI in Orange Honour Roll; he would be killed in action in France on 19 April 1917.
  • Commander of the Anglo-Indian relief force, Major-General Sir George Frederick Gorringe, orders the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Naval Air Service aircraft to drop food and stores to the besieged garrison at Kut-al-Amara in Mesopotamia. This is the first time aircraft are used for such a purpose. The food drops do not meet the troops’ requirements; already suffering from malaria, dysentery and scurvy, Major General Charles Townshend’s men now face starvation.
  • The Turks abandon the city of Trebizond on the shores of the Black Sea
  • British forces occupy Kharga Oasis in Egypt, 200 km west of the Nile