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Peter Stresser, 1917. Image courtesy Wartenberg Trust.

Peter Strasser, 1917.
Image courtesy Wartenberg Trust.

  • The German Navy Zeppelins L-5, L-6, and L-7 raid the east coast of England, inflicting little damage. L -7 is carrying an observer: Peter Stresser, the Chief Commander of the German Imperial Naval Airship Division.
  • Prime Minister Andrew Fisher praises the country’s military record in Parliament stating that, to date, 70,101 volunteers had enlisted for service, 43,146 of whom are currently on overseas duty. War expenditure totalled £21,836,070 as at 28 February 1915. Australia’s Magnificent Record
  • The Leader publishes a poem from the Egyptian Times, sent by Trooper McLean of Bloomfield. The poem describes the persistence of the locals while peddling their wares.