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Portrait of King Constantine I of Greece, Philip de László, April 1914. Image in public domain.

  • The Battle of Messines ends on the Western Front; nine men from the Orange district have died during the week-long conflict
  • An H12 Flying Boat from the Royal Naval Air Station at Felixstowe shoots down the German zeppelin L-43 over the North Sea
  • King Constantine of Greece abdicates. The King and his queen, Sophie of Prussia, leave Greece for exile in neutral Switzerland. King Constantine is succeeded by his second-born son, Alexander, a supporter of the decidedly pro-Allied Eleftherios Venizelos. The King proclaims:

Yielding to necessity, accomplishing my duty towards Greece, and having in view only the interests of the country, I am leaving my dear country with the Crown Prince, leaving my son Alexander on the throne.

Still, when far from Greece, the queen and I will always preserve the same love for the Hellenic people. I beg all to accept my decision calmly and quietly, trusting in God, whose protection I invoke for the nation.

In order that my bitter sacrifice for my country may not be in vain, I exhort you, for the love of God, for the love of our country, if you love me, to maintain perfect order and quiet discipline, the slightest lapse from which, even though well-intentioned, might be enough to cause a great catastrophe.

The love and devotion which you have always manifested for the queen and myself, in days of happiness and sorrow alike, are a great consolation to us at the present, time. May God protect Greece.