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YMCA war concert

  • The Leader advertises tomorrow night’s charity concert at the Australian Hall. The concert features one of the largest choirs ever assembled in Orange. YMCA War Concert
  • Mrs Eliza Clarke of 200 Summer Street receives a letter from her son Jim who is “somewhere in France”. Jim describes France as “a splendid place” and says the weather is “simply delightful”. Letter From The Front
  • Mrs James Sykes of Bathurst Road receives a copy of The ANZAC Book from her son Harold in France. Private Harold Sykes
  • German soldiers capture 700 prisoners near Thiaumont Farm in the Battle of Verdun
  • Fighting continues in Brusilov’s Offensive on the Eastern Front, with 31,000 prisoners reported captured at Lokachi and Kolki in the Lutsk district
  • Russian troops regain lost ground near Chorok, south-west of Trebizond in Turkey
  • French Prime Minister Aristide Briand opens the Allied Economic Conference in Paris