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13 January 1917

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HMAS Sleuth (foreground) and the training ship HMAS Tingira, Sydney. Image courtesy Australian War Memorial

  • The armed yacht HMAS Sleuth is commissioned by the Royal Australian Navy. Intended as a patrol vessel in the Torres Strait, the Sleuth arrives at Thursday Island on 15 March 1917 during the steamy wet season. With a coal-fired engine, no refrigeration and very little water capacity the vessel is deployed south to less tropical waters. The Sleuth is assigned as a tender to the immobilised training ship Tingira in Sydney harbour; she would take recruits out to sea to experience seasickness. The Long, Long Story of Ena-Sleuth-Aurore-Ena
  • Allied troops on the Eastern Front repulse enemy forces near Kalutsem, west of Riga, and east of Focsani in Romania
  • Italian troops defeat Senussi rebels near Zuara in Tripoli