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12 April 1916

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  • Day 610 of the war
  • The Leader publishes news from Egypt about local servicemen. They include Claude West and Charlie Hawke, who claims Cairo is “the dirtiest place in the universe”. Orange Boys in Egypt
  • Mrs Caldwell of Orange requests that items of clothing for Belgians in need be dropped off at Orange East Public School. Clothing for Distressed Belgians
  • Orange nurses Kate and Winnie King are on their way back to the front, presumably to an Australian hospital in France. Personal
  • The Leader urges the people of Orange to attend the meeting at the Town Hall to discuss commemorations for the first anniversary of the Gallipoli landing. The Anzac Day Meeting Tonight
  • British troops force the Turkish lines back almost 2km at Sannaiyat on the banks of the Tigris River in Mesopotamia
  • British forces occupy Kothersheim in German East Africa