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6 oclock closing

  • A referendum is held in NSW to vote at what time licensed premises should close. Of 579,106 votes cast 347,494 votes support 6 o’clock closing; hotels will now close at 6pm for the duration of the war. The Liquor Referendum and the Six O’Clock Swill
  • The New Zealand government passes the Compulsory Service Bill, introducing conscription for pakeha (non-Maori) men between 20 and 46 years of age
  • The Arab Revolt begins fully as Hussein bin Ali, Sharif of Mecca, orders his troops to attack the Ottoman Caliphate’s garrison in the city. The garrison surrenders.
  • British troops occupy Mkalamo on the Pangani River in German East Africa (present day Tanzania)
  • British troops repulse a German attack on Kondoa Irangi in German East Africa
  • 78-year-old Paolo Boselli succeeds Antonio Salandra as Prime Minister of Italy, forming Italy’s first wartime national coalition government