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  • Day 520 of the war
  • The Leader advises that the posting of white feathers is offensive and contravenes Section 121 of the Post and Telegraph Act. Fines of up to £50 or up to six months imprisonment apply. Posting White Feathers
  • The Leader reports “Army surgeons at the front line have found that the best emergency dressing for neglected wounds is brown sugar, and are said to be using it in preference to many proprietary dressings.” They Say. Sugar heals wounds faster than antibiotics
  • Austria-Hungarian forces continue their offensive in Montenegro, seizing Mount Lovcen, a symbol of Montenegrin statehood and national identity. The demoralised Montenegrin army requests an armistice.
  • The Imperial Russian Army in the Caucasus forces back the Ottoman Army and advances to capture Erzerum and Trabzon. Fighting continues until 16 February. The Ottoman Army suffers 10,000 casualties, with 5,000 taken prisoner. Russia sustains 5,000 casualties, with a further 4,000 developing frostbite.
Russians soldiers with captured Turkish guns, Erzurum 1916. Image courtesy Niva magazine no 11, 1916.

Russians soldiers with captured Turkish guns, Erzerum 1916. Image courtesy Niva magazine, No 11, 1916.