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An artificial armoured tree serves as a French observation post near Auberive, February 1917. Image courtesy Imperial War Museum © IWM (Q 78890).

  • Allied raids succeed at Givenchy, Neuville, Grandcourt, La Bassee, Neuve Chappelle, Auberive and Luneville
  • British forces capture a strong system of hostile trenches along a kilometre-wide front south of Serre Hill; 215 prisoners are taken
  • German airmen bomb Dunkirk, Amiens and Nancy
  • Italian airmen on the Southern Front capture two of three Austrian hydroplanes at Valona
  • Turkish forces near Kut-al-Amara attempt four unsuccessful attacks on British forces during the night. Meanwhile, the British attack the Kut liquorice factory, and establish a new line on a 5.5km front, pressing the Turks back a kilometre.
  • US Ambassador to Germany, James Watson Gerard and his staff depart Berlin