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1 October 1916

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  • British Summer Time ends. BST was introduced on 21 May 1916 as a temporary measure during the war as a way of conserving energy and providing more usable hours of daylight. This is the first time daylight savings is observed in Britain.
  • The final stages of the Battle of the Somme continue on the Western Front as the weather begins to deteriorate. The Battle of Le Transloy begins; exhausted British soldiers struggle for three weeks to capture German trenches in a futile battle of attrition. The British suffer 57,000 casualties and gain little ground.
  • British troops attack on the Eaucourt-le Sars line on the Albert-Bapaume Road. They capture all their objectives along a 2.7km front.
  • German airships raid the east coast of England, killing one person and injuring another, and causing almost £18,000 damage. Royal Flying Corps pilot, Wulstan Tempest, shoots down zeppelin L-31 from a height of nearly 4,000 metres. The burning airship and its crew crash to the ground at Potter’s Bar, near London. There are no survivors. Decisions At Potter’s Bar. Film of the L-31 Wreckage