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  • Darfur becomes a province of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan under civil administration
  • Commander in Chief of the British Expeditionary Force in France and Belgium, Sir Douglas Haig, is promoted to Field Marshal
  • General Sir Francis Reginald Wingate is appointed High Commissioner of Egypt
  • British troops in German East Africa force back German lines near Lissaki in the Mgeta Valley and pursue the enemy towards the Rufiji valley at Kibambawe
  • German submarine SM UB-47 torpedoes the British troopship SS Ivernia in the Mediterranean Sea 58 nautical miles south east of Cape Matapan in Greece. A former Cunard liner, the Ivernia is transporting 2,400 British troops from Marseille to Alexandria at the time. The vessel sinks with the loss of 120 lives; survivors are rescued by HMS Rifleman and several naval trawlers. German submarines and mines have now sunk 5,034,000 tons of Allied shipping since the beginning of the war. [At the time of her construction in 1900 the Ivernia boasted the largest funnel of any vessel afloat, measuring 18.3 metres from top to deck].

Cunard liner Ivernia c1900. Image courtesy Municipal Archives of Trondheim.