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1 December 1916

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  • The Leader publishes letters from four Orange soldiers serving overseas:
    • William Davidson writes from hospital in England and says how impressed he is by the multitude of French women and children engaged in farming. Australians Help French Women
    • Bert Braybrook reports that mail deliveries to France are much more reliable than they were in Egypt and that “postal arrangements in the army are splendid”. The French language, however, is not without its challenges. A Soldier Who’s Travelled
    • Roy White writes from “Somewhere at Sea, Some Time” to say that his contingent has been at sea for seven weeks now and hopes to arrive soon at their destination. He describes how well he was received in Durban, where he rode in “strange conveyances” called rickshaws. On The Way To Battle
    • John Robert Stevenson describes the training undertaken for dealing with toxic gasses and the joys of sharing a leaking tent with twelve other soldiers. In Leaky Tents In France
  • Sergeant McDonald, commanding officer of Joseph Victor Bennett, informs Joseph’s father that his son was “the finest soldier in his platoon [who] risked his life to do him a service when he was wounded himself in France.” Soldier’s Letter
  • German and Romanian forces in Transylvania clash in the Battle of the Arges. The four-day long battle ends in disaster for Romania, with 400,000 casualties. Romanian civilians are forced to flee to Russia.
  • The British War Committee meets in London for the last time. The committee would later be replaced by the War Cabinet.