5 March 1917

I feel I must write and thank somebody, so I do so to you…I rather like the name Joyce. ‘Tis a ripping name for a girl!… I shall be very delighted to hear from you it you care to write, and to hear all about you. I should also like to receive a photo from you.” He adds: “(I hope you don’t think I’m too cheeky!).” The Xmas Parcels – A Soldier’s Thanks

should be over here, up to their bellies in mud and slush and fighting for freedom, instead of waltzing up and down Summer-street, making eyes at the pretty girls. An Australian on the Antis

Stone Bridge ten miles north of Kangavar, Ariel Varges. Image courtesy Imperial War Museum © IWM (Q 25056).

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This entry was posted on March 5th, 2017.