14 April 1916

Men of Anzac! Name of splendour!
Heroes gentle, mirthful, tender;
Of that deadliest spot you made,
A monument, that shall not fade
Till noble deeds are done in vain,
And courage is despised by men.

Years shall come and years shall pass
Many things forgotten be,
But that sand and flaming grass,
And that shell-lashed, wired sea.
While our nations shall endure,
Makes they crown of glory sure.

Not in vain at Anzac died.
Australasia’s splendid sons.
Ere our people’s tears are dried,
Song and legend round thee runs,
Wars nor changes can efface,
What the Anzacs did for thee,
Making thee a Shrine, a place.
Consecrate to Liberty.

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This entry was posted on April 14th, 2016.