20 June 1917

Soldiers breaking a hole in the ice to get water for cooking purposes, Western Front, early 1917. Image courtesy Imperial War Museum © IWM (Q 4860).

I didn’t think it was as cold at the North Pole as it is in Flanders… the food used to be frozen. We had to break it with our bayonets, and it crackled when we chewed it. We had to breathe on the jam before eating it; even then it made our teeth ache. I had an onion one day, and, being such a watery thing, it was a block of ice. I had to break it with a stone before I could do anything with it. We had to sit on our water bottles, or we should have had nothing to drink.

I am not having as bad a time at the front as you would think. We are in the trenches a good deal, and we are advancing at a good pace, so that makes it better for us; it breaks the monotony… I am lucky to get paper to write to you, as we are advancing so fast that it is impossible for the transports to get supplies to us.

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19 June 1917

General Sir Arthur William Currie, Commander of Canadian troops in France, June 1917. Image courtesy Library and Archives Canada.

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18 June 1917

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17 June 1917

Wreckage of German Navy zeppelin L-48, Harwich, 17 June 1917. Image in public domain.

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16 June 1917

The Petrograd Soviet Assembly meeting, 1917. Image in public domain.

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15 June 1917

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14 June 1917

Portrait of King Constantine I of Greece, Philip de László, April 1914. Image in public domain.

Yielding to necessity, accomplishing my duty towards Greece, and having in view only the interests of the country, I am leaving my dear country with the Crown Prince, leaving my son Alexander on the throne.

Still, when far from Greece, the queen and I will always preserve the same love for the Hellenic people. I beg all to accept my decision calmly and quietly, trusting in God, whose protection I invoke for the nation.

In order that my bitter sacrifice for my country may not be in vain, I exhort you, for the love of God, for the love of our country, if you love me, to maintain perfect order and quiet discipline, the slightest lapse from which, even though well-intentioned, might be enough to cause a great catastrophe.

The love and devotion which you have always manifested for the queen and myself, in days of happiness and sorrow alike, are a great consolation to us at the present, time. May God protect Greece.

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13 June 1917

Commander of the American Expeditionary Force, Lieutenant General John J Pershing, lands at Boulogne, 13 June 1917. Image courtesy Imperial War Museum © IWM (Q 5510).

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12 June 1917

German prisoners captured in the Battle of Messines, June 1917. Image courtesy Imperial War Museum © IWM (Q 2276).

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11 June 1917

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