30 June 1917

US Army Air Service WWI Recruiting Poster. Image in public domain.

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29 June 1917

Italian medical staff dealing with the effects of shell fire on Italian soldiers on Monte di Val Bella, Asiago. Image courtesy Imperial War Museum © IWM (Q 65197).

We well know that our young friend will say of his missing arm, “Gladly and freely given in honor of my native land’s great need. I shall never miss it.

There’s many a house in Australia
Where women watch and pray;
There’s many a home where women weep
In Australia to-day

Sad eyes your watch is keeping,
Yet brave, as well, we know,
When for the fame of Australia
You bid your loved one go.

Proudly you sent your dearest;
Gladly your best you gave;
The bugle call from England
Rose high above the wave.

It echoed o’er your homesteads.
And wak’d the great north-west;
It rang through farms and homestead,
And in your heart found rest.

Fearless and strong your soldiers
Set out for lands unknown,
Where flames of war are leaping.
And death comes to his own.

Oh! there, with dauntless valour,
They sprang to peaks of fame,
Nor time nor death shall tarnish
The lustre of their name.

We thrill with pride of kinship.
Telling those deeds of might;
We mourn with you heroes
Who fell in gallant fight.

We, In the old land, greet you
Sisters, though seas divide,
Our hearts are linked together,
Our men fight side by side.

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28 June 1917

Field Marshal Viscount Edmund Allenby, 1917. Image in the public domain.

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27 June 1917

Why should we murmur, short-sighted and vain,
Since death to our loved one is undying gain

What, oh! for the time, when one can wash, bathe, shave, and shave daily. One does not appreciate these benefits in civilian life, but this war has taught us all wonders—how to appreciate things by finding out we never knew when we were well off.

Eleftherios Venizelos returns to Athens, 27 June 1917. Image courtesy Agence Rol – Bibliothèque Nationale de France.

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26 June 1917

The first contingent of US troops arriving in France, 26 June 1917. Image courtesy 2nd-division.com.

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25 June 1917

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24 June 1917

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23 June 1917

Ernst Seidler von Feuchtenegg, 1918. Image courtesy Bildarchiv Austria.

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22 June 1917

This is very bad news for us, as the mail days are looked forward to with interest, more than anything else. We would sooner miss pay day than lose our mail.

A piece of shell took a liking to half one side of my nose, and took it straight off. It was the right side of my nose and top lip that got hit. It is nothing serious. About eight weeks in this hospital will do me the world of good.

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21 June 1917

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