28 February 1917

Six men of the Australian Cyclist Corps, Broadmeadows, 1915. Image courtesy Australian War Memorial.

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27 February 1917

Ruins in the village of Ligny-Thilloy following the withdrawal of German forces to the Hindenburg Line. Image courtesy Imperial War Museum © IWM (Q 1839).

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26 February 1917

An Anzac, No! Same kind of hat?
Oh yes, we wear the same;
Same badges, breeches and all that,
But, please cut out the name.

The first batch? They’re my pals all right,
Such chaps, the very rightest sort!
The brand that set the Nile alight,
And every one a life-size sport.

My pals? Some lie on Lone Pine Hill,
Some only reached the Anzac shore;
Some line the muddy trenches still,
Some, fully crocked, at home once more.

Each has his own pet bit of glory,
Some home is proud of Anzac sons;
Dead, wounded, sick – a hero’s story
Belongs to those, the luckier ones.

The girls won’t crowd to hear my battles,
No bally laurel wreaths my brow.
I’ve never been where gunshot rattles
Nor is it sure I shall be now.

My tale? A short one ’tis indeed,
For me no flattering tears will fall;
Jambed in a gun – an invalid
Sent here from Egypt. Yes, that’s all!

Bitter? What if I’m blooming bitter?
Though, grumblings only wasted breath,
I’d sell my soul to have been but fitter
And run with the boys in the Race for Death.

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25 February 1917

Panoramic view of the ruined village of Serre-Les-Puisieux on the Ancre, occupied by the British, 25 February 1917, Ernest Brooks. Image courtesy Imperial War Museum © IWM (Q 1909).

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24 February 1917

HMS Firefly. Image courtesy Naval-History.Net.

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23 February 1917

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22 February 1917

SM U-21 loading a torpedo during World War I. Image in public domain.

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21 February 1917

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20 February 1917

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19 February 1917

Captain William Henry Payne and despatch riders with the 1st Cavalry Divisional Signal Squadron, Mesopotamia, 1917. Image courtesy Australian War Memorial.

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