6 March 1915

Come! Cheer for the Roll of Honor,
“The Leader” has enscrolled;
Come! Cheer for the lads of Orange,
As volunteers enrolled.

Hero’s lads of both strength and valor,
To stand by Britain’s side,
Australia show to them honor,
And sends them forth with pride.

And these are the lads of Orange,
Who’ve gone to meet their fate;
God grant for the sake of Empire
That peace come not too late.

And these are the lads of Orange
Whose footsteps did not lag;
With the call for help and courage,
They “Rally round the Flag.”

What will we give the nation?
The best we have is here;
We’ve given our best to our country,
The lives we hold most dear.

Brave wives have just lost their dearest
With shots from German guns
Perhaps it’s a cherished brother—
Sometimes an only son.

All honor then to our soldiers,
By thought and word and pen,
Three cheers for the boys of Orange
Because our lads are men.

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