25 October 1915

It having come to my knowledge that some persons are circulating a statement to the effect that I am a German I desire to make the following public announcement:
1. I am not a German
2. I never was in Germany, and  have no German relations.
3. My sympathies are strongly with the Allies in the present great war.
4. I was bom in Koping, Sweden, and came to Australia when I was 22 years of age and, except for a time spent in England, have been in Australia ever since. I am now 51 years of age.
5. I am a naturalised British subject since 1st March, 1909.
6. These facts I have demonstrated by documentary evidence to the editor of this paper.
(Signed) J. E. LUNDHOLM,
Lord’s Place, Orange.

Image courtesy Leader

Image courtesy Leader

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