24 March 1915

Under the cross where the South winds blow,
Down by the deep south sea,
Where the oceans meet and the spring tides flow,
That’s where I love to be.

At the call to-day of the dear old land,
I follow the flag away;
I am going to give the Tommies a hand,
So I’m leaving you all to-day.

On our flag is the cross and a big star too,
For Australia bright and free,
With the Union Jack set in blue,
And we’re taking the flag to sea.

So I’m off to-day from the land of song,
Over the rolling main,
And take it from me it will not be long,
‘Ere we come home again.

Good bye to you all, and the girl I love,
Farewell to the kiddies too;
Our good old cross in the sky above
Will lead me back to you.

Oh, poor dear land of sunshine,
The world now weeps with thee,
For gone are joy and laughter
That makes prosperity.

Gone are the homes and churches;
Your nation’s heart is sore,
Yet you have clung to Honor,
The pearl your fathers wore.

We hear the wail of mothers,
Who mourn beside their dead;
We see the babes and women,
Whose blood the Germans shed.

We shrink from tales of horror
That stain their boasted name,
And cause the men of England
To bow their heads in shame.

But oh dear land of sorrow,
Keep fast your faith in God;
In His own time the Kaiser
Will fall beneath his rod.

And then come joy and laughter,
That sorrow sent away,
For Time will heal your anguish,
When Peace returns to stay.

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This entry was posted on March 24th, 2015.