22 November 1915

To-morrow! Ah! To-morrow he must go
Far from his home and kinsfolk far away,
And we who love him dare not bid him stay.
Across the sea his comrades need him so,

Dear God, dear God, help me to let him go.
He could not stay behind, I know, I know.
When England calls for men! More men! each day.

I would be base were I to bid him stay;
But I am just a mother!-Lord, and oh!
It simply breaks my heart to let him go
Because I’m human, Lord, my tears must flow.

But joy and pride reign o’er my grief today.
With words of cheer I’ll speed him on his way,
For they across the sea, they need him so,
Oh, son! To save my honour, you must go!

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This entry was posted on November 22nd, 2015.