24 March 1917

A scene in Vaulx, showing wilful German destruction. The village was the battle headquarters of the 7th Infantry Brigade in the capture of Lagnicourt on 26 March 1917. Image courtesy Australian War Memorial.

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23 March 1917

Romanian troops cross the Trotus River, 1917. Image courtesy Imperial War Museum © IWM (Q 76641).

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22 March 1917

There is most profound satisfaction in Great Britain and the overseas Dominions that Russia stands with the nations which base their institutions on responsible government…We believe that the revolution…will be the greatest service yet performed for the Allied cause. There is [no] doubt that the revolution will result in the establishment of a stable constitutional Government, which will strengthen Russia in the resolve to prosecute the war until the last stronghold of tyranny has been destroyed and all free people will unite to attain in the future fraternity and peace.

German auxiliary cruiser SMS Moewe, South Atlantic Ocean, 1916. Image courtesy http://smsmoewe.com/smsmfors.htm


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21 March 1917

Trees felled by German troops block the road at Peronne, March 1917, Lieutenant John Warwick Brooke. Image courtesy Imperial War Museum © IWM (Q 5014).

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20 March 1917

Aerial view of the ruined Chateau de Coucy, 1917. Image in public domain.

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19 March 1917

We are just beginning to settle down to life here, which is hardly a bed of roses, but we are making the best of it… The ground is frozen all day long, and we have to break the ice to wash in the mornings. Soldiers’ Letters – With The Engineers

Sir Frederick Stanley Maude leads the Indian Army into Baghdad, 11 March 1917. Image courtesy Sir Stanley Maude and Other Memories.

Our armies do not come into your cities and lands as conquerors or enemies, but as liberators…It is the wish not only of my King and his peoples, but it is also the wish of the great nations with whom he is in alliance, that you should prosper even as in the past, when your lands were fertile, when your ancestors gave to the world literature, science, and art, and when Baghdad city was one of the wonders of the world.

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18 March 1917

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17 March 1917

Men of the Australian 2nd Division outside the Bapaume Town Hall, March 1917. Image courtesy Imperial War Museum © IWM (E(AUS) 393).

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16 March 1917

It isn’t the moment for quarrels,
The war’s not by any means won;
It isn’t the moment to rest on your laurels
And point to the things you have done.

It isn’t the time to go in for backbiting
And jealousy as to who leads.
There’s but one thing to do If we’d see this thing through:
It’s the time not for words, but for deeds!

Let the past be all dead and forgotten;
It’s the future we’ve got to begin.
Let us show that the effort we make is forgotten
Of our grim resolution to win.

Do not mourn for the past and its failures;
There is work, bitter work, to be done.
Let it ring through the land That united we stand;
Let us show how a war can be won!

Men of Britain, the hour is before you,
Put your selfish desires on the shelf;
Let your aims be alone for the country that bore you,
Each man for the State-not himself.

Just together stand shoulder to shoulder;
To your glorious traditions cling fast.
Undismayed by the foe, let the whole world just know
That the Right shall prevail at the last!

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15 March 1917

Russian Provisional Government, March 1917, Jakov Vladimirovic Stejnberg. Image in public domain.

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